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Family Therapy

“There are no individuals in the world, only fragments of families”

- Carl Whitaker         

Family Therapy is unique in that it views each family as a whole and focuses on the interactions and dynamics of the relationships within that family system. Anything from health, illness, loss, trauma, and personal experiences are perceived in the context of relationships. Problems that individuals and families present in therapy are not considered in isolation. They are understood historically and contextually within the relationships that are informing those problems.

Family Therapy can help you better understand your own family system and your role within your family. Implementing change within your family is easier when you know where you stand, and can see how patterns and behaviors may have been recreated within families over time. It may help you understand better why you act, feel and operate in a way that makes sense given your family background and your relationship and interactions with others. This understanding may guide you in making the changes you are seeking within your family and significant relationships.

“A dysfunctional family is any family with more than one person in it”

- Mary Karr

Every family experiences challenging times. These difficulties can range from not knowing how to communicate directly or effectively with family members, to life cycle changes, parenting differences, separation, divorce, establishing a remarried family, becoming a stepparent, and co-parenting. Grief and loss, depression, anxiety, addiction, and financial difficulties can make family life overwhelming, and perhaps even unbearable at times. Feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment, hopelessness, disconnect, and resentment are common when families are in distress.

Family Therapy can be helpful for families to hear each person's perspective and experiences in navigating through the family problem. As an experienced family therapist I can guide you through the process of determining the needs of your family, how the problem is retained within the family, and how to implement the appropriate changes that work best for you and your family. I am committed and passionate about my work with families. My collaborative and solution oriented approach allows me to recognize and utilize the strengths and resources families present in therapy to help you achieve your goals.




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