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Frequently Asked Questions

Is therapy confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality between a client and therapist is one of the most important parts of therapy. Therapy can only be successful if trust and safety have been established in the therapeutic relationship. Personal conversations in the therapy room will not be shared or discussed outside the therapist’s office. It is the law that marriage and family therapists and mental health providers are subject to confidentiality with clients, therefore protecting clients’ communications and privacy at all times. Please note there is an exception that requires a therapist to notify the appropriate authorities are if abuse is suspected, or if a client is at risk of harming one’s self or others.

How long does therapy last?

It depends on the problem being presented. The goal of therapy is to create change, find solutions and facilitate healing. Ultimately, you will decide when therapy is complete. I have an open door policy; together we determine the course and length that fits for you. You may decide to do therapy for a while, take a break and return at some point. Typically in marriage and family therapy, and with my training in brief therapy, the course of therapy will take less time than with traditional psychotherapy.

Will you be able to help us?

My role is to assist, consult and guide you through the therapeutic process. I may challenge your existing belief system(s), help you to self-focus, and make you aware of unhealthy patterns. You and your family are the only ones who can change yourselves and your family dynamics. The more motivation and openness you bring to the process, the more effective it will be.

Should I come to my appointment alone or with my partner/spouse or child?

When you call for an appointment we will discuss what is best for you and your family. This is an important decision we will make together. During the process this decision may change and different family members may be included (or therapy may shift to an individual focus) depending on the stage of therapy.

My partner does not want to come to therapy but I do. Can therapy still be helpful when I come alone?

Yes. As a marriage and family therapist I always work with the whole family system even when family members are not present in therapy. As a relational and systemic therapist I work with many individuals who are seeking some kind of change in their relationship or marriage without their partner being present in therapy. An individual can implement personal change that will inevitably affect their partner/spouse and the whole family system. Individual therapy can help you to self-focus and determine your own needs, desires, responsibilities and limitations that will guide you in addressing issues more directly with yourself and your partner. However, the most effective way to couples therapy is when both partners are willing and motivated to attend therapy together.

I work full time and have limited daytime availability. Are evening and weekend appointments available?

Yes. Evening appointments are available but in demand and therefore limited. The more flexibility you bring in scheduling a time and day, the easier it is to accommodate you. Weekend appointments are available upon request.


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