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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be helpful for people who are experiencing a variety of challenges. As a Marriage and Family Therapist in Miami I work with as many individual clients as I do with couples and families. As a systemic and relational therapist, I view relationships in context and do not see an individual’s suffering in isolation or as pathological. Whatever the issue presented in therapy, it is understood historically and contextually within the relationships that is informing the problem. Whether you are dealing with personal issues or challenges in your significant relationships, individual therapy can provide you with a safe place to process your emotions and develop effective coping skills. Individual therapy is often helpful for but not limited to the following issues:


 • Anxiety

 • Depression

 • Stress

 • Anger Management

 • Career Development

 • Grief and Loss


Further, individual therapy can offer you an introduction into a clearer understanding of yourself and an opportunity to create and become the self you aspire to be. If you are seeking to make changes in your life or significant relationships, identify your life choices and dreams, or become more mindful and present in your life, individual therapy can be beneficial to you.

Individual therapy can also assist you in recognizing relationship patterns that hold you back, as well as directly confront change and transitions in your life. It can provide opportunities for healing from trauma and dysfunctional family-of-origin relationships.

My approach to individual therapy is warm, interactive, supportive, and solution oriented. My work varies from brief to long-term therapy, depending on the situation and my client’s personal investment in the process. The more open-minded, honest and dedicated you are to your therapeutic development, the more effective and beneficial therapy will be for you.




 • Addiction

 • Dependence

 • Trauma Recovery

 • Family Relationships

 • Intimate Relationships

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