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“Olivia, the change wouldn’t have been possible without you. I am grateful that I met you.”

“Olivia has been awesome from day one. She is a compassionate listener and has helped me understand and change a lot of my old habits. She is one of the best marriage counselors out there. I felt like she really connected with me. I have been to other therapists and from day one; I decided I am not coming back. But with Olivia I noticed a difference during our first session. She was caring and helped me in many ways. I saw her regularly and I am doing much better now. She got to know my entire family and helped us uncover and process a family secret from a long time ago. She is a trusted person and you can feel that from day one. She helped me see things from a different perspective –and that changed everything! I felt at ease with Olivia. She is extremely organized, always on time and professional.”

“Thank you so much for working with my daughter. She got a lot out of her sessions and really liked working with you. I am so glad she had that relationship with you!”

“Therapy has allowed me to understand myself better, and gain bigger insight into patterns in my family that show up in my intimate relationships. That insight has helped me change some of my own reactions and responses.”

“We have a greater perspective of how and why we get stuck as a couple, and found new and better ways to interact with each other. Olivia was great in helping us understand our problems more clearly and navigating us through to a better place.”

“Therapy with Olivia has given me my strength back to approach my issues more constructively and with more clarity. She is a great listener and always interested and respectful in understanding my way of seeing things while helping me improve where I want to improve.”

“I found a safe place in working with Olivia. It helped me so much when I was facing some big challenges in my life, and allowed me to make some courageous changes as a result of my work in therapy”

“Never underestimate the power of being listened to, and feeling heard. That’s how I felt working with Dr. Colmer”

“Therapy has helped me learn new coping skills and find better ways to manage my anxiety.”

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Dr. Olivia Schläpfer Colmer offers individual, couples and family therapy in Miami, FL. Her office is located at 4770 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 1440, Miami FL 33137.

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